Chipocrite - Hit and Run

So, I realized that I never made a post about this one, so.... here it is! I did the album are for Chipocrite's debut album Hit and Run. Chipocrite's style is very much fun and upbeat while still being musically complex. I wanted to do something that reflected that. That's where the cloud came from, I figured it was a pretty good representation of the music, without being too literal.

I would say that for a debut album it's a good album, but that would be a gross understatement. This album is right up there with some of the best chip releases I've heard. It can be had either in a physical CD, or in a digital special edition that includes all the artwork from the physical copy. Both can be found here via Cheese N' Beer.

I'm real happy to be doing art for a CnB release as well as for this awesome artist. Go check this album out definitely, it's really great.

P.S. I'm not throwing the full album art up here, you'll just have to get the album if you want that ;)


facundo - everything you loved, i destroyed

Hello again everyone! I come to you today with another completed album art set. This time it's none other than Facundo, with his latest release "everything you loved, i destroyed." This release comes from superbutton.net, and you can get it here.
With this project I decided to have a go with grungier textured stuff to give it a feel of being a bit dirtier. I feel like it came out pretty well, and i'm particularly proud of the way the type turned out.
The music is pretty great, so go download it! And don't forget to check out what else they've got at www.superbutton.net. It's kinda of a strange place, but they've got some cool music.
Below is the full sized front/back of the album. Give me your thoughts!


Derris-Kharlan LIVE (with my artwork!!!)

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Like a really long time. But I have news! CalmDownKidder Records has just released Derris-Kharlan's first release! So, why is this relevant here? Well my friends, that artwork you see above was done by none other than yours truly! I you wanna see a work in progress, check it out here, but the final product is the only one really worth looking at. And down below is the full out version. Of course, don't forget to snag the rockin release over at CDKr.
Real quick thanks to CDK for giving me the chance to do this, and to Derris-Kharlan for being super helpful with the artwork (and honest!)



So, I decided that until I have a real way to set up my blog the way I want it, I would go with this nifty template from the blogspot gallery and tweak it just the tiniest bit. I also think I'm going to start blogging more regularly, but if that doesn't happen don't be surprised.

And the Blogging Starts Now!
So, coming up in my life, the term here at Drexel is ending and that means, work, finals, and then BREAK! Finally. And with break comes BLIP FESTIVAL 09! That's something I'm really excited for.

Don't really know what to say right now, but here comes my blog!


I think I wanna redo this

So, I think I want to redesign my blog but, honestly, I don't know nearly any CSS, and I know very little HTML. What ever am I to do? I should learn that stuff, I am in design after all. I'll work on that. but for now this stays untouched, because I don't feel like dealing with it, maybe a new banner/border soon, and this green is started to make me sad.


Hullo Again

Alright folks, (yeah, "folks") I've got a few things seeing as I haven't posted anything in a good while. Mind you none of it's new, not really. OK! The first is about that design I had posted before. The scoring ended with pretty crappy number of comments, but, but... the score was a 2.75! now out of 5 that might sound rather shitty, but on threadless that's pretty damn good. Anyway, oh oh, right new thing. New-ish thing, actually. the picture you see above! That's a new self-portrait I just finished. I kinda don't like calling them that because really, it's just me tracing. So let's try that again. Above! You see a new vectorization of me, myself. You will notice that I am all alone, however, in the source photo (below) I have my lovely tickey beside me. So technically the picture is not finished, at some point tickey will join me in vector form, but for now it works pretty well for updating icons and avatars and such.

On to the NEXT order of business. What you see even more below is a demonstration of a little template that I made for PowerPoint. This is because I really am a geek. It happens. Anyway, I made the little frame you see there in Illustrator, and then popped that into PowerPoint just as a plain old .png. Everything else was just arranged in PowerPoint. The video is a bit slower than what it is in real life, but hey, that's what you get from online streaming, even vimeo...
Oh oh! I'd like to real quick thank Apple! Just for letting us FINALLY do quick, easy screen capping with quicktime, it made this MUCH easier! heart snow leopard!
And that's that for now, Enjoy!

PowerPoint Template Demo from Jake Beadenkopf on Vimeo.


Hello Again

Who needs toys? - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

So, I've been absent a long time, but for a good reason. I've been working almost non-stop on the above design. It's right now pending approval, but I'm betting it'll be good. I'm gonna need all your support and stuff. Bigger picture down below. Enjoy!