Tweet, the faithful

May he rest in peace.
We barely knew the bird, he with his sometimes assured stare, but oft confused look. He knew not of telephones nor twitter tweets, but we loved him dearly. Alas on the morn of July th' 16th his time for voting came to an abrupt end. He with a small score, albeit respectable, the 2.05 was not enough to save him. At just over two months of age he had grown very much, but was still so young. We will miss him dearly. However, in our grief, we must not forget to look forward, for although our dear bird friend has gone, we must continue on and look to the future towards "Clowning Around" and other such designs, even those yet unannounced!
That is all for today. Enjoy!



So! My latest design has been accepted for scoring! Now I need your vote! Go check it out! Enjoy!

Tweet - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


Holy crap.

So, I did it, after 52 days as a critique on Threadless my beloved design "Tweet Tweet" has finally been submitted! Here's the standard full size promotional bit they gave me, it's not up for scoring yet, it's still pending approval, but you can be damn sure I'll tell everyone as soon as it is approved. Enjoy!

Edit: Weird, because of the CSS stuff in the page template it actually cuts off the flash thingy, better than running into the side bar though, I guess.

Score this design: "Tweet," to help it get printed on Threadless!

Tweet - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


"What a strange time to be opening" thought the garage door as the poorly lubricated gears screeched into life in unison with the chains wound around them. The car residing therein was of the same general opinion as the door, and sorely hoped that she wouldn't be the reason for the early morning racket. To her delight, it was the bike who was taken by the young man. The bike too was excited for it had been a long time since the old wheels had done any real spinning. In a minute they had set off into the unknown mists of dawn. [To be continued? It's up to you guys]