facundo - everything you loved, i destroyed

Hello again everyone! I come to you today with another completed album art set. This time it's none other than Facundo, with his latest release "everything you loved, i destroyed." This release comes from superbutton.net, and you can get it here.
With this project I decided to have a go with grungier textured stuff to give it a feel of being a bit dirtier. I feel like it came out pretty well, and i'm particularly proud of the way the type turned out.
The music is pretty great, so go download it! And don't forget to check out what else they've got at www.superbutton.net. It's kinda of a strange place, but they've got some cool music.
Below is the full sized front/back of the album. Give me your thoughts!


Derris-Kharlan LIVE (with my artwork!!!)

So, it's been a while since I've posted. Like a really long time. But I have news! CalmDownKidder Records has just released Derris-Kharlan's first release! So, why is this relevant here? Well my friends, that artwork you see above was done by none other than yours truly! I you wanna see a work in progress, check it out here, but the final product is the only one really worth looking at. And down below is the full out version. Of course, don't forget to snag the rockin release over at CDKr.
Real quick thanks to CDK for giving me the chance to do this, and to Derris-Kharlan for being super helpful with the artwork (and honest!)