Chipocrite - Hit and Run

So, I realized that I never made a post about this one, so.... here it is! I did the album are for Chipocrite's debut album Hit and Run. Chipocrite's style is very much fun and upbeat while still being musically complex. I wanted to do something that reflected that. That's where the cloud came from, I figured it was a pretty good representation of the music, without being too literal.

I would say that for a debut album it's a good album, but that would be a gross understatement. This album is right up there with some of the best chip releases I've heard. It can be had either in a physical CD, or in a digital special edition that includes all the artwork from the physical copy. Both can be found here via Cheese N' Beer.

I'm real happy to be doing art for a CnB release as well as for this awesome artist. Go check this album out definitely, it's really great.

P.S. I'm not throwing the full album art up here, you'll just have to get the album if you want that ;)