Hello Again

So, I haven't posted anything on here in a long long time. Don't really know why, so I'm not gonna try to explain, rather I'm just gonna give you guys all an update on what I've been doing. Most of all, I've been making this design (above) for Threadless. It's coming along really well and I think, just about ready to be submitted. You can check it out here if you like, and by "if you like" I really mean "you better." So get looking!

Next up, I've just been having a summer, going out, doing things, getting my iPod broken. Oh yeah that's one of those things I'd blog about. So here we go, if you missed all those tweets with me freaking out about my iPod not working, and no matter what I do et cetera here's that story. So basically I had jailbroken my iPod touch and it was all going well, and great and everything, but then when OS 3.0 came out, I decided I would upgrade. But rather than resetting the iPod then doing the upgrade, silly me went along and tried to use the "Upgrade" button in iTunes on my jailbroken iPod. Needless to say it didn't work. So I thought to myself, "oh this isn't a big problem, I'll just restore, and then it'll work! So I clicked restore, and it tried restoring, and it was all good, but then, when it had finished it just showed that horrible connect to iTunes screen. So no matter what I did, it wouldn't work. I tried downgrading, I searched forums, used really hacky solutions, and even tried the troubleshooting tips on the Apple support page. nothing worked. So finally, after making sure it had been restored several times to be sure there was nothing jailbroken to be found there, I headed over to the Apple Store in Suburban Square. What I hadn't realized was that the iPhone 3GS had just come out, and the SS Apple Store didn't have any tech support on hand on launch day. Great going there. So the place was packed, whatever, they were very friendly and helped me schedule an appointment for that Saturday because they were actually booked completely the rest of the day and the next day. Anyway, that Saturday, after a little freaking out on Friday, I show up at the Apple Store, explain my problem (of course saying nothing about jailbreaking), and tell them I tried everything and it just won't work! So the iPod "genius" tried restoring it on his computer. Of course that didn't work, when it was done he checked the contacts, and of course everything was fine. So he asked the other guy there what to do. They came to the conclusion that they would replace it. Wonderful! Exactly what I knew they would do! So off he went to that (glorious, I imagine) back room to get my replacement. To my dismay they were all out of the 32GB iPt2g replacement models. So they had to order it, I didn't really care too much, I was shaking a little from having my little jailbroken secret stay under cover. So yesterday I got a call, and they had my iPod in stock! I went to get it and everything went great! I have my new iPod, it has the 3.0 software, and I am not jailbreaking it again.

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