So, I've been absent from my posting for a little while, but there's a good reason for it. However, the grace and articulate-ness with which I convey said reason may be a bit off due to the late, or early hour of the day that I find it to be. Basically, it's two thirty in the morning, Eastern Daylight Time; though there is certainly no visible daylight at this present hour. On to my long winded excuses as to why I haven't been posting with such regularity that I had been, the kind only found after having consumed copious amounts of bran flakes. As you all know, or at least soon you all will, I have been working on various bits and pieces for the school musical. I've finally finished cutting out all of those wretched pink foam wolves, yet the binding is yet to be completed. What's worse is that I've recently found that all those wolves are needed by Monday at the latest, but of course, I had to tell the director that they would be ready by Sunday! So, Sunday it is. I need to find a way to keep the two pieces together under stress without wearing them out (I'll post pictures of the horrible things, when I get a chance).

So, during the oh so scant hours (psh yeah right) when I'm not slaving away over the animation (see below), and the hard labour required of me I've made a Threadless design! The first revision was utter utter crrrraaaap (see way above). Oh I'd been typing this in "Edit HTML" mode, and totally didn't realize it 'til I tried to make something bold... Anyway... So I wasn't real surprised when it got declined because I totally whipped it up in a fifteen minute flurry of design driven adrenaline, wuick before I had to leave for school, to make use of the saws and such things kept in that wretched building (run-on?). So it had already been declined after the three hours or so spent at school, when I got home the "we're sorry" email was sitting all tight and comfy in my inbox. I wasn't really hurt, or even felt anything because of it (as opposed to when "Clowning Around" got declined), so I plucked that little mother fucker and dropped that shit straight in the trash where it belongs ('scuse). Immediately, if I recall correctly, I set to work fixin it up, you can go see the critique... I think, here? Yeah. So after a while I got it up to that last bit, (the one directly above) and submitted it! Like, I actually pressed submit like two minutes ago.

In other news, actually relating much more significantly to the first paragraph, I recently found out that that animation that I'm working on (see previous post) is due this coming wednesday. I've got a shitload of work ahead of me I think... How am I gonna get this guy's head to look right on this completely faked body??? Oy. Well, updates on that will come when they do, I might go silent for a little while more, like, 'til wednesday... Enjoy!

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