Why, Thank You

This is a very big thank you to MOnk (@monkmusic) for mentioning my blog, and me (@pixls), in a tweet. Now if you know MOnk and how many friends and followers he has, you may be wondering why he would go out of his way to mention me and my humble blog. Well the bulk of it has to do with the fact that I'm straight up awesome, but more specifically it has to do with the picture that you see above that I recently drew for him. If you know MOnk and all of his awesome then you'll recognize his face. Being that he calls himself "Monk" I thought it would be cool to see MOnk as a monk. So I did. There's a version without the logo down below. Enjoy!

P.S. shoutout of congrats to two lovely California sisters Danielle & Jeanette (@daniellefab & @jeanetteix)
P.P.S. sorry if that "lovely California sisters" bit sounded creepy...

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  1. LOL not creepy at all, thank you! <3 and I love this piece that you did for Monk, totally groovy. Figured I would share the comment love <3