Wow, a lot of things

So, it's been a long time since I updated around here and, I suppose, a lot has happened. For one, that design in the last post was declined again, sad I know, but whatever. Now I'm working on a new one that's coming along rather nicely (see above). I made the original design with far more colours as you can see here. It's up for critiquing on Threadless (see previous link).

In other news I finished my community service project! And since the play is all done I can totally show you the complete thing! Hooray!
[for those of you who noticed (all of you) for the final production there was a "t" in "beast"]

Beauty and the Beast Prologue from Jake Beadenkopf on Vimeo.

And now before I forget, time to make this picture I just thought of for Monk. Enjoy!

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