blogging and a warning

so since i've opened this little blog here it's been nothing but trouble, totally wasted my whole evening

but i really don't care, honestly i rather enjoyed it, i got the look how i wanted it, i made a nice banner (looks better in reverse, but you can't have everything you want), oh! there, it looks nice with the brown. good. so now it looks like i want it to, and i think i'll start blogging, i'll start by uploading, oh there, the image you see above is the work in progress on a phone that i'm making for the opening of a play. the point is basically to say no cell phones, etc. then there'll be one for photography. i'll upload things as they come, i believe in sharing so take what you like, just say that it's mine please!

oh yes and the warning, my blog is likely going to end up ranting a lot about politics, stupid people, friendly people, or whatever i damn well please. there may be foul language, there may be lewd sorts of humor, or even just general foul mouthiness. and i can almost guarantee daily offenses against the english language.

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