So, I couldn't really think of a clever title for this one so I didn't try. I could've done Domineering Dentists of Doom, but that wouldn't make sense because this post isn't really about me going to the dentist's office, it's really about a little fix i made to the twitter background so that the lighting makes more sense. (Do I smell barbecue?) Basically, before the bird had exactly the same lighting/shadowing that it had in the original source picture. Then I realized, wait, look at where the light's coming from! There should be some kind of shadow on the bird from the mouthpiece there! Originally I was just gonna be like, eh whatever, who cares? Then today I was messing around with the picture because I just got CS4 (awesome, right?) so I decided, what the heck, I'll do it. So I did this really nifty bit using a copy of the path from the actual mouthpiece, then used a copy of the path for the bird's body as a clipping mask. This way it cuts the fill to the shape of the bird's body without me having to go in and move. each. vector. point. down. to. the. border. It's much nicer this way.

In other news I did go to the dentist today. Wasn't too bad, "not much plaque buildup," but apparently I've got three teeth on cavity watch :( oh well. I don't like the dentist's, always pokin' and proddin', gross stuff. (No I don't smell barbecue...) I am hungry though, it is time for lunch I suppose, bye now.

PS sorry for my terrible computer handwriting (it's not much better in real life)

Update! After much fails, and one final success the updated picture is now my really real, actual factual, sincerely... sincere...(?)... twitter background! yaaayyyy! I think it looks cool, validation?

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