I've Done It!

I was finally able to make a camera in silhouette that's still identifiable as a camera! At least I think so, and I say it'd better be, it is going along with words, but I still want people to get it, and being that most people are kind of dumb i'm worried that most of them won't.

However, I'm still not sure as to whether I ought to include the flash powder stand. I'm really not sure whether that would make it clearer, or less clear, as to what the picture is trying to depict.


  1. Although I think it could potentially help, I feel that many people would see the flash power stand and think "squee-gee" (or however you spell it). I'd say keep it the way it is.

  2. thank you well, i'm afraid i've been asked by the powers tha tbe to make a whole person with the camera on a stand holding the thing :(