In a Faraway Land

I've finished coloring and filtering the overview of the little city where this all takes place. I think it looks very nice. Today I've cut out templates for shadow puppets, and later I'm going to make the actual shadow puppets, or at least, the main portion of them.

The process that went into making this picture was obnoxiously difficult, but the slides following this one should be much simpler. There are so many vector points in this thing it takes a while just to move things or even just zoom in. I think the final product is well worth it though, and it has a very nice look to it. I made the pure color picture in Illustrator using different brushes and such things, then exported as a .png with a transparent background and pulled the whole thing into Photoshop. I used a #E0E8BE background, solid, then on top of that, under the .png I placed an #888888 layer with a strength 4 fiber render (that layer is set to overlay). Again over that layer, but still under the .png there's a layer of black on white cloud render, set to screen, and with some of the opacity and fill taken down. Then finally on top of the whole thing I used another layer of cloud render set to color burn. then adjust opacity/fill of each layer to taste. Enjoy!

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