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I need to rant (capitalization per @griff48's request). So, form the hours of about 12 am, to 1 am EST, I gained approximately 28 followers on twitter. My followdom suddenly shot straight up from 48 followers to 76. Do you know whence all these followers came? TheSmartEcard.com. I have no idea why they all started following me, or what purpose said website serves. Ordinarily I don't care so much about spambots following me on twitter, they follow, and I just don't follow them, but these all started following en masse. What's worse is that their spamming is so unabashedly straighforward. These weren't John Smith twitter accounts that when visited it turns out all they're tweeting about is insurance or V14GR4; these bots go right forward with twitter accounts that comeone might want, but their name, their freaking name(!) set to "TheSmartEcard.com" they weren't even pretending not to be spam! I think it's plainly obvious that the silly little image verification simply isn't enough to keep spambots out. Either that, or there's a whole bunch of really pathetic people out there. The thing is, that website, which I won't give the honor of typing out three whole times, I visited it, just to see why it's being so deperately spread, and the fact of the matter is, there's absolutely nothing of worth there. It pretends that a friend sent you an ecard with that link but it says that you have to fill out some dumb survey before you can get to it. It's not a real survey, it's a little fake five question IQ test. Then it asks for your cell phone number! I mean really, that's insulting! Do they actually get real people's cell phone numbers? If they do I'm quite sure whoever gives them totally deserves the extra spam they get.

On a less hate/rage filled note, would I be a hypocrit if this page had ads (not big flashy obnoxious ones), just like Google AdSense ads, what do you think? tweet @pixls or comment

PS. they're still going, and they've gotten cleverer, watch out for hordes of Jim Stevens'.

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